Economic History of Ethiopia [978-1-59907-055-1]


Author : Richard Pankhurst

ISBN Code : 978-1-59907-055-1
Language : English
Pages number : 826
Format : Paperback, 6”x9”

The original pioneering text in African economic history holds its value with the second edition of Economic History of Ethiopia. This comprehensive title beams with intricate details and enlightening insights about the economic structures and practices in Ethiopian society in the nineteenth century and provides a compelling platform for theories and conclusions to be drawn. This second edition – the first printed in 1968 when African economic history was in its inception – retains its value despite the dramatic changes and struggles over the past four decades. Pankhurst’s novel is booming with data but also rich in description brought to life with beautiful illustrations. It is a competitive force in the field of African economic history and presents the key questions pressing today’s writers of African economy.




Chapter I - Political and Diplomatic Background

Chapter II - Division of Labour, Employment, Status, and the Role of Foreigners

Chapter III - Slavery and the Slave Trade

Chapter IV - Land Tenure

Chapter V - Agriculture

Chapter VI - Natural Resources and Their Utilisation

Chapter VII - Handcrafts

Chapter VIII - Transport and Communications

Chapter IX - Trade

Chapter X - “Primitive Money”, Currency and Banking

Chapter XI - Taxation and Government Revenues

Chapter XII - The Army

Chapter XIII - Health

Chapter XIV - Education

Chapter XV - Urban Development and the Establishment of Addis Ababa

Chapter XVI - Conclusion

Chapter XVII - Bibliography


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