The Resurrection [978-0-9839616-8-0]


Author : Sandra M. Schneiders, IHM

ISBN Code : 978-0-9839616-8-0
Language : English
Pages number : 64
Format : Paperback, 6.7" x 5.6"


Did it really happen, and why does it matter? These two questions are at the heart of Sandra M. Schneiders’ (IHM) talk on the resurrection, presented at the Marymount Institute as the inaugural event in the Mary Milligan Lecture in Spirituality series.

Published as an essay in book form by the Marymount Institute Press and Tsehai Publishers, The Resurrection poses a number of questions about the meaning of Easter as a religious holiday.

“What does it mean to say that Christ is risen? Does it mean that he is immortal, a spirit alive with God somewhere outside of earthly time and pace (which most Christians believe is true of all who die in faith), or did something unique, that has happened to no one else, happen to Jesus on the first Easter? And, if so, what was it, and why is this event unique significant for us?” asks Schneiders in her introduction to the book. 

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