State and Civil Society [9781599070674]


Author : Melakou Tegegn

ISBN Code : 9781599070674
Language : English
Pages number : 364
Format : Paperback, 6" x 9"

In Ethiopia, the level of institutional development of government is deteriorating with a concomitant negative impact on the development of social organization. These retrogressive processes have in turn retarded the accountability of the state. State and Civil Society provides an analysis of failure in development policy by the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front lead government through the examination of its first fifteen years rule in Ethiopia. This in-depth analysis of the issue of civil society and the condition of state and society provides important insight into the question of why poverty and unfreedom reinforce each other in Ethiopia.

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Civil Society, State, and Poverty


CHAPTER 1 The Discourse on Civil Society

CHAPTER 2 The Poverty – Unfreedom Nexus



State and Society

CHAPTER 3 ‘State’ and Society: The Pre-EPRDF Setting

CHAPTER 4 The State of ‘Civil Society’ in Ethiopia

CHAPTER 5 The Dominant ‘Rationales’ Governing the Institutions of Governance and Ethnicization of Politics as its Doctrine



The Poverty/Unfreedom Nexus: The EPRDF in View of Ethiopia’s Development Challenges

CHAPTER 6 Gender, Society, and Poverty

CHAPTER 7 The EPRDF vis-à-vis Ethiopia’s Development Challenges



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