Italys War for a Desert [978-1-59907-065-0]


Author : Francis McCullagh

ISBN Code : 978-1-59907-065-0
Language : English
Pages number : 450
Format : Paperback

Francis McCullagh’s book Italy’s War for a Desert is a vastly important part of the story of the 1911 Italian takeover of Tripoli. McCullagh, a notable Irish war correspondent, asserts that because of the iron grip the pre-fascist Italian government already had upon the news and information outlets, the rest of the world was kept blind to the horrors and abuses executed upon the Arabs in Tripoli.

This edition features an early memorandum anticipating Italian war crimes in Ethiopia written by Dr. Charles Martin, also known as Hakim Workneh. Richard Pankhurst’s new introduction explains the historical importance of this book that chronicles the atrocities of the Italian Armed Forces in Tripoli. Pankhurst focuses on the legitimacy of McCullagh’s accounts as well as provides background on a key player in the atrocities—Rodolfo Graziani, also known as the “Hyena of Libya” and “Butcher of the Arabs.”

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