Creation [978-0-9839616-9-7]


Author : Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ

ISBN Code : 978-0-9839616-9-7
Language : English
Pages number : 70
Format : Paperback

Is creation only a wondrous event that took place “in the beginning”? Is belief in creation only a backdrop to the more serious business of redemption? Or does the Giver of life keep on singing the natural world into being at every moment of its evolution, with compassion for its suffering and commitment to its well-being?

At this time of undoubted ecological crisis, this small book probes the meaning of creation, to invigorate ethical behavior that cares for plants and animals with a passion integral to faith’s passion for the living God. Once we see that the evolving community of life on Earth continues to be the dwelling place of the Spirit and its ruination an unspeakable sin, then deep affection shown in action on behalf of eco-justice becomes an indivisible part of spirituality.

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