Ethiopia: A Cultural History [Vol II] [978-1-59907-087-2]


Author : Sylvia Pankhurst

ISBN Code : 978-1-59907-087-2
Language : English
Pages number : 389
Format : Paperback

Ethiopia: A Cultural History captures Ethiopia’s multifaceted cultural life and the indigenous achievement of the Ethiopian people in this extensive survey of Ethiopian language and literature, music, architecture, painting and applied arts, pedagogy, and education. The depth and breadth of Sylvia Pankhurst’s knowledge and passion shines vividly in this two volume work and is supplemented by numerous illustrations and photographs, extracts from literature, and samples of music. 

The Enquiries of Zara Yakob; Gondar and Its Famous Castles; An Ethiopian Scholar in Seventeenth-Century Europe; Secular Song and Story; Protestant Missionaries in the Nineteenth Century; A British Surgeon in Shoa; French Scientific Mission, 1839–43; Ethiopia at the Holy Places; The Jeweller of Emperor Johannes; Adowa, After the Great Battle; Old-Time Village Education; The Introduction of the Printing Press; Foundations of Modern Schooling; The Interregnum of a “Civilizing Mission”; Post-War Resconstruction in Education; The First Seven Years of Liberation; Proclamations on Education; The Story of Two Schools; A Bird’s Eye View of Some Schools, 1951; Addis Ababa University College; The Birth of Eritrean Education; A General Survey of Education; The Student Abroad; Historical Background to Recent Times

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