TEMSALET [Amharic] [978-1-59-907116-9]


Author : Mary-Jane Wagle

ISBN Code : 978-1-59-907116-9
Language : Amharic | አማርኛ
Pages number : 328
Format : Paperback; hard cover

Inspiring stories and beautiful photographic portraits of sixty-four phenomenal contemporary Ethiopian women who have broken through age-old barriers to advance in their fields. Each woman tells her own story—where she came from, what challenges she faced, what helped her succeed, what inspires her, and what thoughts she has for girls and young women growing up today. They come from a broad array of fields of endeavor and range in age from their 20s to their 90s. They are phenomenal!

Temsalet is an Amharic word that means ‘shining example.’ Our hope is that these women’s stories will inspire today’s girls and young women, convincing them that they too can move beyond society’s narrow expectations for them and realize their own dreams.

Edited and compiled by Mary-Jane Wagle with photography by Aida Muluneh, Temsalet is a project of the Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations, working to advance women’s equality and women’s rights in Ethiopia, and is published by Tsehai Publishers of Los Angeles, California. In addition to the women’s stories, Temsalet features a foreword by First Lady Roman Tesfaye and an essay on women in Ethiopian history by Rita Pankhurst. NEWA benefited from the counsel of an Advisory Board of sixteen prominent women and the research, interviewing and storycrafting help of twenty volunteer university graduates.





A Glimpse of Ethiopian Women in History


1. Abebech Gobena Heyie: Humanitarian, Non-profit Leader

2. Aida Ashenafi Tessema: Film Director, Producer, Businesswoman

3. Alemtsehay Wedajo Goshu: Actress, Playwright, Poet, Advocate for the Arts

4. Captain Amsale Gualu Endegnanew: Airline Captain

5. Brigadier General Askale Berhane Tedla: Military Officer, Lawyer, Freedom Fighter

6. Atsedeweine Tekle Riggio: Lawyer, Judge, Women’s Rights Activist

7. Azeb Worku Sibane: Actress, Writer, Director, Producer

8. Berhane Asfaw Ras-Work: International Social Activist, Educator

9. Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu: Global Footwear Entrepreneur with a Social Conscience

10. Bogaletch Gebre Kabre: Community Development Leader, Scientist

11. Bruktawit Tigabu Tadesse: Children’s Television Program Creator and Producer, Educator

12. Brutawit Dawit Abdi: Banking Executive, Economist, Financial Consultant

13. Dr. Catherine Hamlin: Doctor, Humanitarian, Maternal Health Advocate

14. Derartu Tulu Gemechu: World Championship Athlete, Businesswoman

15. Desta Hagos Tekle: Artist

16. Dr. Eleni Zaude Gabre-Madhin: Agricultural Economist, Public-Private Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur

17. Dr. Emebet Mulugeta Tefera: Scholar, Researcher, Educator, Advocate for Girls’ Education

18. Fatuma Hate Hafilo: Activist for Women, Non-profit Leader

19. Fetenu Bekele Gebremeskel: Gender and Development Expert and Activist 

20. Frealem Shibabaw Yeneabat: Development Professional, Social Entrepreneur

21. Hirut Yohannes Derare: Dairy and Milk Product Businesswoman

22. Dr. Jember Teferra Gebremariam: Nurse, Community Development Leader, Author

23. Kebedech Tekleab Araya: Painter, Sculptor, Poet, Professor

24. Kongit Sinegiorgis Woldemariam: Ambassador

25. Maria Munir Yusuf: Judge, Lawyer, Non-profit Leader, Activist for Women

26. Marta Mesele Woldemariam: Construction Tower Crane Operator  

27. Meaza Ashenafi Mengistu: Lawyer, Activist for Women’s Rights, Women’s Bank Founder

28. Meaza Birru Gebrewold: Print and Radio Journalist, Media Entrepreneur

29. Medhin Kiros Gebretekle: Entrepreneur, Construction Contractor

30. Dr. Mehila Zebenigus Wuhib: Neurologist, Internist

31. Meshu Baburi Dekebo: Community Leader, Activist for Women

32. Meskerem Assegued Bantiwalu: Art Curator, Environmental and Cultural Activist

33. Dr. Mulualem Gessesse Tesema: Neonatologist 

34. Mulualem Tadesse Woldemariam: Actress, Director, Producer

35. Negatwa Lasab Woldemariam: Potter, Trainer, Cooperative Leader

36. Nuria Abdullahi Jami: Member of Regional Parliament, Public Servant, Activist for Women 

37. Rahel Shawl Zelleke: Architect

38. Salem Mekuria: Filmmaker, Professor 

39. Samia Zekaria Gutu: Public Sector Leader, Agricultural Statistician

40. Sara Abera Alemu: Fashion Designer, Businesswoman, Social Entrepreneur

41. Selome Taddesse Mihertu: Social Activist, Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker, Media Executive

42. Sinknesh Ejigu Woldemariam: Federal Government Minister of Mines, Analytical Chemist, Ambassador 

43. Sophie Yilma Deressa: Journalist, Public Relations Professional, Political Party Activist

44. Dr. Tadelech Atomssa Keyeta: Physicist, Educator, Researcher

45. Tadelech Haile Mikael Feldasso: First Minister of Women’s Affairs, Ambassador, Activist for Women

46. Takelu Ambaye Abebe: Micro Business Entrepreneur, Disability Activist

47. Tirhas Mezgebe Gebremedhin: Social Activist, Women’s Health and Community Development Leader

48. Tirunesh Dibaba Kenene: World Championship Athlete, Businesswoman

49. Tsahai Yitbarek Tegegne: Social Worker, Non-profit Leader, International Civil Servant

50. Emahoy Tsegue Mariam Guebru: Nun, Pianist, Composer

51. Tsigie Haile Woldegiorgis: Women’s Development Leader and Activist

52. Tsion Michael Andom: Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, Volunteer Fundraiser

53. Tsiwahab Tadesse Tesfagiorgis: Member of Parliament, Civil Servant, Freedom Fighter and Commander

54. Emahoy Welete Mariam Gelaw: Nun, Community Leader, Sustainable Farmer

55. Wongel Tesfaye Berehe: Policewoman, Detective

56. Wubalem Mengist Sewagegn: Farmer, Environmentalist, Educator, Activist for Women 

57. Dr. Yalemtsehay Mekonnen Taddesse: Professor, Biologist, Researcher

58. Yetnebersh Nigussie Molla: Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Activist for Inclusion

59. Dr. Yeweyenhareg Feleke Gebreyes: Medical Doctor, Professor

60. Sister Zebider Zewdie Yiteyew: Nurse, Community Development Leader

61. Zemi Yenus: Entrepreneur, Activist for Young People with Autism and Their Families

62. Zeritu Kebede Woldegiorgis: Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Screenwriter, Producer, Social Activist

63. Zewdie Abegaz Yimam: International Civil Servant, Activist for Women

64. Zufan Ibrahim Yemam: Handweaving and Bamboo Entrepreneur, Skills Trainer


Summary Biographies

Temsalet’s Godmothers – Advisory Group Members

Temsalet’s Sisters – Interns and Volunteers

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