Spiritual Maturity [978-1-941392-03-4]


Author : Ronald Rolheiser OMI

ISBN Code : 978-1-941392-03-4
Language : English
Pages number : 64
Format : Paperback

"Spiritual Maturity", the 2015 entry in the Mary Millligan RSHM Lecture in Spirituality Series, explores a variety of questions about the human, and Christian, experience: what is maturity? What is the meaning of discipleship? What is a blessing - how does it work, what is its purpose? How does a blessing contract with, and therefore in some respects define, a curse?

Father Ronald Rolheiser OMI explores these questions with an avuncular, everyday charm. His work is designed to connect with young Christians, in particular.  



Spiritual Maturity

I Blessing as the Real Purpose for which We Were Made

II What is a Blessing?

III Biblical Examples of God's Blessings

IV Blessing as seen by its Opposite-A Curse

v The Components of a Blessing

VI What a Blessing Might Look Like

VII Blessing Our Way out of Depression to Wholeness and Delight

VIII Our Struggle to Give Others a Blessing

IX Notes


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