Movements in Ethiopia: Ethiopia in Movement, Vol. I [978-1-59-907134-3]


Author : Eloi Ficquet

ISBN Code : 978-1-59-907134-3
Language : English, French
Pages number : 444
Format : Paperback; 6” x 9”

In November 2012, the 18th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies was convened in Dire Dawa, a cosmopolitan city in the eastern lowlands of Ethiopia. This event gathered more than 300 international scholars from all disciplines of the humanities and social social sciences. Under the general theme of ‘movement’ these two volumes gather a collection of 70 papers that reflect recent trends in the field of Ethiopian studies. From local studies to regional and international perspectives, these studies question long term historical processes and current social and economic transformations. A number of contributions explore and give access to fresh sources of knowledge from unpublished or rediscovered texts and documents, from recordings of oral information, or from ethnographic observation. They also review literature, challenge conventional ideas and propose critical investigations on past and present issues, such as interethnic relations, women’s role, development policies and their impact.


About the Editors:

Eloi Ficquet, PhD, is an anthropologist and historian with research interest in religions, ethnicities and powers in Ethiopia. He is assistant professor at the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris. He co-edited with Gérard Prunier Understanding Contemporary Ethiopia (2015).
Ahmed Hassen Omer, PhD, is historian, working on trade, religion and politics in central Ethiopia. He is the director of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies of Addis Ababa University.
Thomas Osmond, PhD, teaches social anthropology at Addis Ababa University. He has published a number of  studies on religion, culture and power in the western and eastern Oromo societies.

Volume I:


  • Bahru Zewde “The Dynamics of Political Succession in Ethiopian History”
  • Francis Falceto “About the Heritage of Ethiopian Music(s)”
  • Ivo Strecker “From Hamar Ethnography to Rhetoric Culture Theory”
  • Jon Abbink “Rethinking the Anthropology of Ethiopia through Culture and Ritual”
  • Claire Bosc-Tiessé “Restoration, Research and Heritage Preservation”
  • Tekle Hagos “The Reinstallation of the Second Largest Aksumite Stela"
  • Denis Nosnistin “Lesser-known Features of the Ethiopian Codex”
  • Finn Roenne “Conversion and Proselytisation in Southern Ethiopia”
  • Sophia Dege “Remapping Paradise”: Manuscript Evidences of Ethiopian Cosmological Models and of Visualizations of the Paradisiacal Garden”
  • Mohammed Hakim “A Study of the Birillee-Ṣafā, a Manuscript of Manẓūmah in ʿAjamī-Oromoo”
  • Amira Abdulkadir “Tigrinya ʿAjamī on Najāšī”
  • Margaux Herman “Rethinking the royal matrimonial practices in the 16th century”
  • Amélie Chekroun “Ottomans, Yemenis and the “Conquest of Abyssinia” (1531-1543)”
  • Stanislau Paulau “The first Protestant missionaries in Ethiopia (1829–1843)”
  • Dorothea McEwan “The manuscript maps by Georg Wilhelm Schimper, 1864/65 and 1868”
  • Daniel Lis “Protestant Mission and Jewish identity in Abyssinia”
  • Shalva Weil “The Complexities of Conversion among the “Felesmura”
  • Avishai Ben Dror “Harär at the dawn of the ‘glocal’ era during the latter part of the 19th century”
  • Jean-Charles Ducène “Ḥabeš Siyāḥatnāmesi: The Journey of al-Mu’ayyad al-‘Azm in Ethiopia (1904)”
  • Wolfgang Hahn “How Menelik came to have a mint?”
  • Hugues Fontaine “Notes sur quelques documents cinématographiques tournés en Éthiopie au début du XXe siècle”
  • Samuel Negash “Ethiopia’s elusive quest for an outlet to the sea”
  • Cynthia Tse Kimberlin ‘The Korean War (1950-1953) and the Kagnew Battalion”
  • Endris Mohammed “The Amharic Letters and Articles of Sayḫ Sayyid Muḥammad Ṣādīq (1897-1977)” 
  • Jan Magne Steinhovden “Mäzmur and Zäfän, within and beyond the Evangelical Movement in Ethiopia”
  • Rainer Voigt “Oromo Orthographies”
  • Loren Bliese “Movement along the Wadis and Rivers of Uwwa Woreda, Afar Region”
  • Thomas Osmond “The Awash River in Oromo Historical Narratives”
  • Fesseha Berhe “The Historical Dynamics of the Saho Settlements in Tigray” 
  • Yves Marie Stranger “Horse Markets in Northern Shewa”
  • Ahmed Hassen Omer “Protracted Rural Protests in North-Eastern Shäwa and Southern Wällo, 1941-1974”
  • Abebe Kifleyesus “Sūfism and Syncretism in North-Eastern Shäwa”
  • Assefa Mammo “Exploring an Amharic Epic by a Female Poet”
  • Kemal Abdulwehab “A Handlist of Amharic-ʿAjamī Manuscripts of Shaykh Ṭalḥa Jaʿfar (c. 1853-1936)”

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