Movements in Ethiopia: Ethiopia in Movement, Vol. II [978-1-59-907136-7]


Author : Eloi Ficquet

ISBN Code : 978-1-59-907136-7
Language : English, French
Pages number : 503
Format : Paperback; 6 x 9

In November 2012, the 18th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies was convened in Dire Dawa, a cosmopolitan city in the eastern lowlands of Ethiopia. This event gathered more than 300 international scholars from all disciplines of the humanities and social social sciences. Under the general theme of ‘movement’ these two volumes gather a collection of 70 papers that reflect recent trends in the field of Ethiopian studies. From local studies to regional and international perspectives, these studies question long term historical processes and current social and economic transformations. A number of contributions explore and give access to fresh sources of knowledge from unpublished or rediscovered texts and documents, from recordings of oral information, or from ethnographic observation. They also review literature, challenge conventional ideas and propose critical investigations on past and present issues, such as interethnic relations, women’s role, development policies and their impact.


About the Editors:

Eloi Ficquet, PhD, is an anthropologist and historian with research interest in religions, ethnicities and powers in Ethiopia. He is assistant professor at the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris. He co-edited with Gérard Prunier Understanding Contemporary Ethiopia (2015).
Ahmed Hassen Omer, PhD, is historian, working on trade, religion and politics in central Ethiopia. He is the director of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies of Addis Ababa University.
Thomas Osmond, PhD, teaches social anthropology at Addis Ababa University. He has published a number of  studies on religion, culture and power in the western and eastern Oromo societies.

Volume II:

  • Echi Christina Gabbert and Sophia Thubauville “Cultural neighbourhood in Ethiopia – and the World?”
  • Lucie Buffavand “Exploring the Transformations of the Bodi – Dime Relationship” 
  • Federica De Sisto “Manjo and Kafecho: enemies or brothers?”
  • Sayuri Yoshida “Petitions by the Manjo in the Kafa and Sheka Zones of Southwest Ethiopia” 
  • Desalegn Amsalu “Awi-Gumuz Interethnic Relations” 
  • Atakilte Beyene “New Migrant-Labour brokers in Shashemene, Ethiopia”
  • Markus Breines “Tigrayan migration to Addis Ababa”
  • Véronique Miguel Addisu “Multilingualism and identity in intercultural couples” 
  • Moges Gebremariam “English Language in Ethiopia”
  • Helen Papworth “Oral storytelling in Ethiopia”
  • Carolina De Rosis “Women living with HIV as Agents of Social Change”
  • Thera Mjaaland “Tigrayan Women’s Contraceptive Use”
  • Angela M. Müller “Female Role Change in Social and in Self-Perception”
  • Agaredech Jemaneh “Gender and Election in the Newspapers’ Narratives”
  • Nadine Brückner “Kara Women in Motion”
  • Shauna LaTosky and Jana Zehle “Schooling for Agro-Pastoralist Communities in the Sala-Mago district, South Omo zone”
  • Jean Lydall “Women in the Hamar-Banna-Bashada Cluster”
  • Valentina Peveri “Land and Love Calculations in Hadiya”
  • Felix Girke “The ‘Art of Not Being Governed’ in Ethiopia”
  • Jean-Nicolas Bach “The Ambivalent Centre/Periphery Paradigm in Ethiopian Studies”
  • Gian Paolo Calchi Novati “Revisionism vs. Conservationism”
  • Ezana Haddis “Urban Redevelopment project and community participation”
  • Agazi Tiumelissan and Alula Pankhurst “Moving to Condominium Housing?”
  • Ketema Wakjira “Addis Ababa and the Surrounding Towns of the Oromiya Region” 
  • Rony Emmenegger “Urban Planning in the City of Jigjiga” 
  • Bereket Roba and Degefa Tolossa “The Challenges of Household Food Security in Wolayta”
  • Davide Chinigò “Land Registration and Food Security in Ethiopia”
  • François Enten “Food Aid Targeting in Ethiopia”
  • René Lefort “From Individual Food Security to National Food Self-Sufficiency”
  • Nigusu Aboset “Dynamics of HIV Contamination in Kallu Woreda, South Wollo”
  • Philippa Bevan, Samuel Urkato and Shiferaw Neda “A Comparison of Two Food-Insecure Sites in North Omo”
  • Catherine Dom “Where are Ethiopian rural communities heading?”
  • Alula Pankhurst “Agropastoralism in Transition”
  • Francesco Staro “The Limits of Valuing Indigenous Knowledge in Development Interventions”
  • Alain Gascon “Agribusiness, cultural and social changes in the Ethiopian lowlands”
  • Solomon Negussie “The Trend of Fiscal Arrangement in Ethiopia”
  • Zelalem Teferra “Ethiopian minors repatriated from Yemen in 2011”
  • Éloi Ficquet “The ‘Suppliants’: African Migrants in the Mediterranean”.

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