Kenya [978-1-59-907170-1]


Author : Richard Pankhurst

ISBN Code : 978-1-59-907170-1
Language : English
Pages number : 123
Format : Paperback

Published in 1954, Kenya: The History of Two Nations establishes the true history of Kenya. The countrys plight was catalyzed by European Imperialism that resulted in vast injustices capitalized by inadequate shares of land and false liberty for its citizens. With the hopes of elucidating the necessary changes to birth a free Kenya, Pankhurst brings forth the voice of the indigenous, which facilitates the emergence of a new Kenya devoid of all associations that have rendered it a White mans country. He proceeds to redefine European idealism, allegedly founded in the promotion of democracy as a quasi-genocide adopted under settlers pressure. In his call to action, Pankhurst demands a change in the power structure, he insists that it is time to act accordingly with the stipulations of the White Papers of 1930 and honor the pledge of placing Kenyas priorities before that of its conquerors. 

Introduction by Richard Pankhurst 5
Foreword by Frida Laski 7

I. Diplomatic Background 9

II. The Country and its Peoples 16

III. The Coming of the Settler 22

IV. The Children of Ham 29

V. The Problem of the Settler 41

VI. The Settlers’ Struggle Against the Indian 45

VII. The Emergence of African Nationalism 58

VIII. Britain and Kenya Between the Wars 63

IX. African Nationalism Comes of Age 75

X. The Spectre of Mau Mau 84

XI. The Two Nations Today 112

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