God So Loved the Cosmos But Do We [978-1-941392-11-9]


Author : Dianne Bergant

ISBN Code : 978-1-941392-11-9
Language : English
Pages number : 68
Format : Paperback

Current cosmological insights have challenged us to look anew at many well-known theological concepts based on traditional interpretations of the Bible. Contemporary biblical interpretations done through an ecosensitive lens can throw new light on these theological concepts. Since spirituality reflects ones theological perception, it will be affected by this cosmological revolution. 

Foreword, Timothy Law Snyder


I. Introduction

II. The Earth is the LORD's

III. Rejection of the Interconnectedness of All Creation

IV. Recognition of the Interconnectedness of All Creation

V. Appreciation of the Interdependence of All Creation

VI. God So Loved the World...But Do We?

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