Mezmure Kiristos [978-1-59-907185-5]


Author : Brian Braff

ISBN Code : 978-1-59-907185-5
Language : Amharic
Pages number : 380
Format : Paperback, 6"x9"


Mezmure Kristos is an extremely rare volume; very few African nations claim such an extensive indigenous document, written in a totally indigenous language and script at such early date. Bahrey, author of Mezmure Kristos (Songs of Christ), composed the book during the reign of Emperor Tserste Dengel (1550-1597). Written in Geez, an ancient religious language, it serves as a meditation on issues such as sainthood, prayer, and the qualities of just rulers. The subjects tackled by Bahrey are indicative of the kind of questions--those regarding peace and war, justice and injustice, disorder and social harmony--that troubled medieval Ethiopia. New scholarship dealing with this text could help establish a narrative of traditional Ethiopian philosophical understanding of these issues--issues still relevant to Ethiopians today.

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