Changing Rural Ethiopia [978-1-59-907190-9]


Author : Pankhurst, Bevan, Dom

ISBN Code : 978-1-59-907190-9
Language : English
Pages number : 580
Format : Paperback

This book documents transformation in twenty rural communities in Ethiopia, that have changed almost beyond recognition, in complex ways with different implications for various people--men and women, adults and youth, rich and poor. The communities have become less rural through urbanisation and more outward-looking, including through labour migration. The local economies have become more diversified, offering opportunities for entrepreneurial individuals and greater participation of women. At the same time inequalities have risen and young people's aspirations have grown with more educational opportunities. However, youth face increased challenges in improving their livelihoods and transitioning to adulthood. The expansion in health care is important, particularly for young women, mothers and babies, though girls still face a range of risks in growing up, and poverty and remoteness affect  the wellbeing of mothers and infants. This book will appeal to policymakers, practitioners, donors and academics seeking to understand Ethiopia today through the experiences of the majority of its people who still live beyond the major conurbations; and the ways their lives have evolved over the last twenty years.

Preface by Gebrehiwot Ageba
Twenty rural communities in Ethiopia and how they changed: Introducing the WIDE research and the selected policy-relevant topics
by Alula Pankhurst, Catherine Dom and Philippa Bevan
Rurbanisation, urban expansion, and thickening rural-urban links (2010-13)
by Philippa Bevan
Differentiation, inequalities and social inclusion and exclusion in rural communities
by Alula Pankhurst and Agazi Tiumelissan
Youth transitions to adulthood and the role of interventions
by Alula Pankhurst and Agazi Tiumelissan
Education in rural Ethiopia (2010-13): aspirations and uncertainties
by Catherine Dom
Reproductive health and well-being: girls in transition to adulthood (2010-13)
by Philippa Bevan
Reproductive health and well-being: mothers and infants (2010-13)
by Philippa Bevan
Economic participation of women and girls in rural Ethiopia (2010-13)
by Lilli Loveday
Migrating for work from rural communities (2010-13)
by Catherine Dom
Insights on economic success in rural communities (2010-13)
by Tefera Goshu and Catherine Dom
Innovation, ''technology transfer,'' and positive social change: models and realities of transformation
by Sarah Vaughan
Conclusions: Strengthening the effectiveness of development interventions in changing rural communities
by Catherine Dom and Alula Pankhurst

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