The Many Faces of War [978-1-941392-17-1]


Author : Larry Tritle and Jason W. Warren

ISBN Code : 978-1-941392-17-1
Language : English
Pages number : 412
Format : Paperback

The faces of war are many, encompassing women, children, and men, soldiers and civilians. Their stories appear in history, literature, and art, from earliest times to events reported in today's newspapers. The essays comprising this volume explore the human face of war from multiple perspectives--psychology, literature, history, and law--and through the eyes of many societies and cultures--American and Iraqi, English and French, Roman and Jew. What emerges is a mosaic of war's Many Faces that reveal the human condition and its response to the most challenging of life's many experiences--the violence of War. 

Preface by Waldemar Heckel
Introduction by Lawrence A. Tritle
Part I. Body and Mind at War
Poetical Interlude, Billy Lee Newland
1. Your Brain at War
Ronald Glasser, MD
2. On Writing History, Writing Trauma
Lawrence A. Tritle
3. Strange Giant Creatures and the Wisdom of Not Knowing
Michael Young
Part II. Memory and the Literature of War
Poetical Interlude, Wole Soyinka
4. Faces and Attachment in Homer and Later War Writing
Thomas Palaima
5. Writing American and Iraqi War Stories
Dina Khoury
6. The War Comes With You: the Twenty-First Century War Memoir
Stacey L. Peebles
7. '''...and you're ashamed'!'' Depictions of Combat Stress American Comic Books 1950-2011
Cord A. Scott
Part III. Voices of War
Poetical Interlude, Billy Lee Newland
8. Manny's Wars
Charles Patterson
9. Vets on the Street
Jeff Dietrich
10. Tattooed: Memorials to Fallen Friends
Andrew Ranson
11. The War of Law
Henry Bouchot
12. Time and Place--On Coming Home
Luis Callender
Part IV. A Sociology of War
Poetical Interlude, Barbara Strasko
13. War and Young Aristocrats' Rebellion against Democracy in Late Fifth Century BCE Athens
Kurt A. Raaflaub
14. ''For the Rape of Margery'': Rape, Pardons, and Military Service during the Reign of Edward III
Sarah Douglas
15. ''Separated from my beloved country'': Women's Captivity and American National Identity
Catherine Murray
16. Soccer and Politics in the Gaza Strip
Shawki El-Zetmah
17. The Underbelly of War: Sudan, 1983-2016
Jok Madut Jok
Part V. Soldiers' War
Poetical Interlude, Charles Patterson
18. The Imperial Roman Way of War: Counterinsurgency in the First Century AD
John A. Bonin
19. Bastions and Bullets: Britain's Strategic Influence on Colonial Military Systems, 1585-1763, and Contemporary Parallels
Jason W. Warren
20. La parole donnee: French Army Identity and Strategy in the Wars of Empire
William Waddell
21. Global War for Order
John Doss
Epilogue by Jason W. Warren 
Memorial Ink: Tattoo Tributes to Fallen Soldiers


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