Moose in the Moon [978-1-941392-15-7]


Author : Mockus Q. Birdius

ISBN Code : 978-1-941392-15-7
Language : English
Pages number : 62
Format : Hardcover

Have you ever seen a mouse sleeping curled in a cup?
Have you ever seen a magpie on the phone?
Does the rabbit have bad habits?
Does the hedgehog dine alone?

So asks Mockus Q. Birdius in her debut collection of poetry for children, delightfully illustrated by Will Pupa. Join Patty-catty Pantaloons and Alphonse Raccoon for higgledy-piggledy poems and silly stories in which you'll find the most wondering creatures and new friends. Read and rhyme with penguins and elephants, giant teeth, jellyfish and mermaid tails, alphabet fun and a giant invisible otter! Only in the world of Mockus Q. Birdus will you meet rats who write books and cats dressed like fairies. If you'd like to play tunes on a big red kazoo in a field full of cows, this book is for you!

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