A Disarming Spirit [978-1-941392-12-6]


Author : Frank Fromherz

ISBN Code : 978-1-941392-12-6
Language : English

A Disarming Spirit opens with Archbishop Hunthausen's historic speech denouncing the Trident nuclear submarine fleet harbored in his archdiocese. It then traces a range of religion and society issues that shaped his Seattle tenure, and digs deep into the story of turmoil as he faced not only the wrath of secular powers but also scrutiny from the ''restorationist'' papacy of John Paul II and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, when the central authority of the Catholic Church turned away from the Vatican II model of church so vital to Hunthausen. The book, with three major parts, Conscience, Courage, and Character, allows us to understand not only the contours of Hunthausen's whole life but also some of the larger social forces surrounding an intimate and compelling story of prophetic witness and deep spirituality for peace and justice.

Publisher's Note
Foreword by Rev. Michael G. Ryan
Tribute to a Colleague by Bishop Thomas Gumbleton
Note from the Author

Part I: Conscience
Chapter One: Faith and Disarmament
Chapter Two: Sent to Seattle
Chapter Three: Resisting Trident

Part II: Courage
Chapter Four: Idols of False Security
Chapter Five: Not Just a Fraternal Visit
Chapter Six: What Kind of Church?
Chapter Seven: Paraclete in the Labyrinth

Part III: Character
Chapter Eight: From Anaconda Childhood to Wartime Training For Priesthood
Chapter Nine: Montanan (& Vatican II Bishop) for All Seasons
Chapter Ten: The Character of Hunthausen's Call


Raymond G. Hunthausen: A Brief Chronology
Hunthausen, Walsh, Stergar Family Tree
Map of Seattle Archdiocese
Map of Helena Diocese
Governor's Flag Proclamation
Postscript for A Disarming Spirit


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