American Woman [978-1-941392-16-4]


Author : Kristy Nabhan-Warren

ISBN Code : 978-1-941392-16-4
Language : English
Pages number : 72
Format : Paperback

Who is the Virgin of Guadalupe? What does she mean to millions of Latinos/as? How does the church interpret her? These questions are explored in American Woman: The Virgin of Guadalupe, Latinos/as and Accompaniment.

The Virgin of Guadalupe has always been an inextricable part of Mexican and Mexican-American culture, but in recent times she is being embraced by working class Latinos/as, hipster Latina artists and liberation theologians alike. Her rising relevance could be attributed to a society grappling with issues of violence, poverty and racism. La Virgen's accompaniment of her pilgrims on a mission for justice and peace serves as a source of hope and strength. Professor Nabhan-Warren uses historical, theological and cultural lenses to compare recent manifestations of Guadalupe with the prevailing heavenly-focused Guadalupe.

Foreword, Timothy Law Snyder

I        Introduction
II       Colonial Historical Context for  Today's Beliefs
III      A Mujer Transcendent
IV      Borderlands Woman: Tonantsin to Today
V       Our Lady of Border Crossers Today
VI      Harvesting Guadalupe: Cosechas Nuevas/New Harvests
VII     Arte de Guadalupe
VIII    For the rest of us: A Living Spirituality of Accompaniment

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