The Clever Mouse Deer [978-1-941392-26-3]


Author : Theresia de Vroom

ISBN Code : 978-1-941392-26-3
Language : English
Pages number : 90
Format : Paperback

These are tales about the smallest deer on earth, about the size of a house cat or rabbit that scientists thought were extinct until recently they found and photographed them in Vietnam.

In these stories the little deer is up against the great animals in the forest: crocodiles, tigers, panthers, snakes, and leopards, as well as men and dogs. These are tales about the power of cleverness and wit; the power of deception; the significance of storytelling; the problem of pride; the value of loyalty; and finally, they are a joyous celebration of survival of the small and clever over the vicious and powerful.

The Clever Mouse Deer has been translated into English from the original text written in colonial Dutch, with Indonesian/ Malay and Arabic phrases or words tossed in.

List of Illustrations
Introduction to the Text

  1. Kantjil is Hungry
  2. The Nibbler is Punished
  3. The Greedy Panther is Punished
  4. The Dream of the Leopard
  5. The Ungrateful Crocodile
  6. Kantjil and the Crocodile
  7. The Purse of Solomon
  8. One Against a Hundred
  9. Pride Comes Before the Fall
  10. Nabi Soeleiman’s Porridge
  11. The Belt of Nabi Soeleiman
  12. The Concert
  13. The Fishing Expedition
  14. The Magical Gong
  15. The Trick That Did Not Work
  16. The Gratitude of the Tijp Loek Birds
  17. Who Was the Guilty One?
  18. A Buffalo Without Horns
  19. Who was the Cleverest?
  20. The King of the Forest

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