Teach Your Children Well [978-1-941392-28-7]


Author : Theresia de Vroom

ISBN Code : 978-1-941392-28-7
Language : English
Pages number : 172
Format : Paperback

Teach Your Children Well brings together all kinds of ideas from various disciplines and experiences, some of which contradict one another. What they all have in common, nonetheless, is the desire to teach well and to explore the circumstances under which creativity, understanding, and knowledge can flourish. Each essay, in its own particular and peculiar way, contains or chronicles an expression of how this might be done. None of the writers are at present members of a formal Education program at a university, rather, they are teachers and mentors who bring to the discipline of education their own particular insights.


Introduction by Theresia de Vroom

1.     The Electric Owl and Other Teaching Stories by Chuck Rosenthal

2.     Violin and Time Travel—a Brief Reflection on Teaching by Ken Aiso

3.     “What’s bred in the bone will not out of the flesh” by Theresia de Vroom

4.     The Dilly Dilly Rhythm: A Collaborative Concept Album for Children by Logan Metz

5.     Music as Catechesis: What Music Education Can Teach Children about the Real Presence by John Flaherty

6.     About Teaching: Rooms at the Inn by Catherine Collins

7.     Icebergs and the Plastic Brain: The Real Work of Learning by Jennifer Zacuto

8.     How Master Yoda Made Me a Better Teacher by Jeremy Wasser

9.     Jewish Student Life, Identity Building, and Learning at a Jesuit University by Rabbi Zachary Zysman

10.  Making Connections: Learning, Teaching, and The Frankenstein Patchwork Project by Brenno Kenji Kaneyasu

11.  Teaching while Outside/Inside the University by Susan Abraham

12.  The Education of an Under-Achiever by Jeff Dietrich

13.  Not Your Grandfathers’ Classics Anymore by Lawrence A. Tritle

14.  A Latinist Antecedent by Jane W. Crawford

15.  Sacred Authority: from the Present to the Timeless by Aimee Ross-Kilroy

16.  Theological Episteme and Paideia: The Teaching of Theology in the Academy by Cyril Hovorun

17.  Breaking Boundaries: The Power of the First Step by Hania Ahmar

18.  Ignatian Islam: Theological Reflections of a Muslim at a Jesuit University by Kienan Taweil

19.  Why I do It: Teaching Sea World by Karen Setterfield

20.  Teaching Theology Through a Pandemic by Michael P. Horan

21.  Travels in Hyper-Reality: Lessons Learned from a Career in International Education by Margaret Eve Hellwarth

22.  Grace, Community, Mathematics, and Judo: in loco parentis by Michael Berg

23.  Luck Favors the Prepared in War and in Peace by Chake Kouyoumjian


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