Planetary Spirituality for Our Time [978-1-941392-30-0]


Author : Kwok Pui-lan

ISBN Code : 978-1-941392-30-0
Language : English
Pages number : 66
Format : Paperback

Is it too late to save ourselves and the planet from climate change and other ecological disasters? In this age of Anthropocene, we need to reimagine spirituality and Christian practices from a planetary perspective, taking into consideration global and planetary histories, ecohistorical understanding of sin, the political rights of other species, and our responsibilities as planetary subjects. Christian hope for the future is based on praxis and solidarity with all God’s creation.


Foreword, Timothy Law Snyder

I. Introduction
II. Planetary Consciousness
III. Reading the Bible with Expansive Vision
IV. Learning Wisdom Interreligiously
V. Lamentation
VI. Faithful Action
VII. Conclusion

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