Expedition From Uganda to Abyssinia (1898) [1599070073]


Author : Frederic A. Sharf

ISBN Code : 1599070073
Language : English
Pages number : 140
Format : Hardcover; 6"X9"; Illustrations

This book covers Bright’s participation in African exploration expeditions from June 1897 to September 1908. He was a candid observer of places that were at the time largely unknown to the outside world. He was a meticulous record-keeper with a keen eye for details. His diaries thus offer an unusual insider’s look at the evolution of British colonial policy, as well as provide a factual account of daily life on these expeditions.

In presenting one section of the first diary, it is the editor’s hope that an obscure but important aspect of the history of East Africa in the late 19th century will be illuminated. The introductory material is designed to make its significance more apparent to those who are not familiar with the times and places involved.

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