Ethiopia: Judaism, Altars and Saints [1-59907-008-1]


Author : Stuart Munro-Hay

ISBN Code : 1-59907-008-1
Language : English
Pages number : 202
Format : Paperback; 6"x9"; Illustrations

In Ethiopia: Judaism, Altars and Saints, Dr. Munro-Hay shares three intriguing aspects of Ethiopia’s endlessly fascinating history. The first subject of enquiry is the claim that an ancient and profound Judaic influence underlies Ethiopian Christianity. The second theme concerns the tabot, the altar boards of the churches of Ethiopia. The final section is devoted to exploration of the legends concerning the foreign missionaries who were supposed to have come to the country in the fifth and sixth centuries, the so-called Nine Saints.

The study of these three themes not only offers a glimpse into the riches of Ethiopia’s literary and ecclesiastical tradition, but adds new perspectives to our interpretation of Ethiopia’s enigmatic past. 

Part 1: Judaism in Ethiopia
        A Chosen People
        Church and Temple?
        'Jewish' Elements in pre-Zagwe Times?
        Israel and Lalibela
        The Solomonids
        Zion in Africa
        The Beta Israel or Falasha
        Biblical Information
Part 2: The Ethipioan tabot, its Function and Symbolism
        What is Tabot?
        Tabotat in Ethiopia
        The Tabot: Origins, History, Functions, Characteristics, Symbolism 
        The tabot as the 'Ark of the Covenant' 
        Tabotat in Ethiopian Art
        Tabotat at Aksum
        The Feast of Timqat (Epiphany)
Part 3: Saintly Shadows
        The Nine Lives of Ethiopia
        The Lives of the Saints
        The Monks and the Monasteries
        The Syrian Question

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