Letters from Abyssinia [0974819808]


Author : Frederic A. Sharf

ISBN Code : 0974819808
Language : English
Pages number : 251
Format : Hardcover; 6"X9"; Illustrations

This book explores the complicated position which Abyssinia, today known by its proper name Ethiopia, occupied in the early 20th century political universe. Major Pearson’s letters provide a unique vantage point from which one can examine the interests of the major world powers in this fiercely independent country â€” the only country in Africa not then under some European domination.

Pearson’s observations have been integrated with official Foreign Office communications in order to provide the reader with a complete context.

This book will appeal not only to scholars interested in further knowledge of Ethiopian history, but also to a wide audience of people interested in World War I, which intersected many far-flung countries, some of which are the setting for Pearson’s letters: Egypt, Sudan, Abyssinia, French, and British Somaliland.

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