Voices from Leimert Park: a poetry anthology [1-59907-015-4]


Author : Shonda Buchanan

ISBN Code : 1-59907-015-4
Language : English
Pages number : 201
Format : 6”x 9”, Softcover

An anthology like this has been a long time coming. For the last fifteen years, every place we come together, whether it was The World Stage, or someone’s party, a birthday gathering, a child’s naming ceremony, a funeral or a home-going, whether it was a cement corner or Fifth Street Dicks (Richard Fulton’s place) backed up by a jazz band, we have always brought words. …We all knew [this anthology] needed to happen, but we were busy living and loving, making babies and building careers. And, of course, we were writing. Yet, we knew a renaissance was happening in Los Angeles, akin to the Harlem Renaissance. But we were caught up in it, shaking, grinding our pencils down, downing endless cups of coffee at a table outside Fifth Street, trying to find the words to say it precisely the way our heart was beating the sounds out.


mikael ahadou

riua akinshegun

kim benjamin

jennifer bowen

shonda buchanan

paul calderon

wanda coleman

kamau daÁood

michael datcher

jawanza dumisani

ruth forman

goldie the poet

peter j. harris

levan hawkins


yuri hinson


jamal holmes

wendy james/tcheconsase

jason luckett

josslyn luckett

k. curtis lyle

a.c. lyons sr.

ymasumac maraÑÓn

keith antar mason


jose mendivil

sequoia olivia mercier

rhonda lynn mitchell

merilene m. murphy

art nixon

v. kali nurigan



e. j. priestley

jerry quickley

ariel robello

s. pearl sharp

renee simms

romus simpson

raaki solomon


jervey tervalon

lynne thompson

imani tolliver

a.k. toney

debra a. varnado

pam ward

conney d. williams

angelo williams

jaha zainabu


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