Africa, AIDS Orphans and their Grandparents [1-59907-014-6]


Author : Rhoi Wangila

ISBN Code : 1-59907-014-6
Language : English
Format : 6”x 9”, Softcover; Illustrations

Africa, AIDS Orphans and their Grandparents documents the AIDS orphan crisis in Africa and the daily challenges faced by the grandparents who care for them. Grandparents deal with two distinct sets of issues: (a) their own HIV positive adult children who are nearing death and (b) the AIDS orphans left behind by their dead children. Once the adult children die of AIDS, grandparents must take over the care and support of the children left behind. In resource challenged environments, these grandparents face an uphill battle to meet the health, educational, shelter, and other needs of their AIDS orphaned grandchildren.

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