Education, Politics and Social Change in Ethiopia [978-1-59907-043-8]


Author : Paulos Milkias

ISBN Code : 978-1-59907-043-8
Language : English
Pages number : 232
Format : Paperback; 6"x9"

Education, Politics and Social Change in Ethiopia focuses on the numerous problems that plague Ethiopia that directly stem from failed modernization and an unsuitable system of modern education. The book is comprised of articles from esteemed writers who focus on and analyze "the various facets of the impact of modern education from different disciplines and theoretical premises." Using Ethiopia's educational system as a starting point, the essays tackle issues of Ethiopian history, politics, and religion and use this multi-discplinary approach to to situate Western influence in Ethiopia in the modern era. 


1. The Curse of English as a Medium of Instruction in Ethiopian Education System. By Tekeste Negash

2.  Comparing Traditional and Modern Education: the Decentering of Ethiopia. By Messay Kebede

3. The Challenge of Modernity: Western Education and the Demise of Feudalism In Ethiopia. By Paulos Milkias

4. The Education System of Haile Selassie’s Government: the Roots of Political Fiasco. By  Bekele Haile-Selassie  Thomas

5. Towards A Critical Ethiopian Theory of Education. By Maimire Menasemay

6. Education, Modernity and Revival Movements: Making Sense of the Pentecostal Expansion in Ethiopia. By Tibebe Eshete

7. Governance, Language Politics and Education in Southern Ethiopia: the Tribulations of Inventing WoGaGoDa. By Data Dea

8. Development Policy, Education and Training: Women and Change in Contemporary Ethiopia. By Judith Narrowe

9. Prevailing Over the Power of Continuity? By Eva Poluha

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