International Journal of Ethiopian Studies [I:2] [1543-4133]


Author : Elias Wondimu

ISBN Code : 1543-4133
Language : English
Pages number : 230
Format : Paperback; 6"x9"

International Journal of Ethiopian Studies (IJES) is an interdisciplinary, refereed journal dedicated to scholarly research relevant to or informed by the Ethiopian experience. IJES publishes two issues a year of original work in English and Amharic to readers around the world.

Established in 2002, the IJES is dedicated to the research and study of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. The journal contains original articles, reviews, and features filled with relevant, in-depth information on important issues. It serves as a venue for the sharing and cross fertilization of research by scholars working on issues that matter to the region and promotes important voices internationally.



Elias Wondimu, Loyola Marymount University



Alemayehu Gebremariam, California State University, San Bernardi

Maimire Mennasemay, Dawson College

Theodore Vestal, Oklahoma State University



Fikru Gebrekidan, St. Thomas University



  1. Reconfiguring The Ethiopian Nation In A Global Era. By Donald N. Levine
  2. A Quest For Distributive Justice In The Nile Basin. By Zewdineh Beyene
  3. The Ethiopian Ethos In African American Thought. By William Scott
  4. The Ethiopian-Eritrean Leadership and U.S. Foreign Policy in Africa. By Paulos Milkias
  5. Gold and Silver at the Crossroads in Highland Ethiopia. By Raymond A. Silverman and Neal W. Sobania
  6. Ethiopica Some Historical Reflections on the Origin of the Word Ethiopia. By Ayele Bekeri
  7. Reconstructing the Fascist Occupation of Ethiopia: The Italian Telegrammes as Historical Sources. By Ian Campbell
  8. When a Government Becomes the Doer instead of the Facilitator: Lessons from the Ethiopian Centralized Public Enterprise Management, October 1978 – March 1990. By Abainesh Mitiku
  9. Tracing the Foot-Steps of the Magdala Expedition. By Konjit Meshesha 

Review Essays:

  1. Richard Caulk, Between The Jaws of Hynas”. A Diplomatic History of Ethiopia (1876-1896). By Sven Rubenson
  2. Messay Kebede, Africa’s Quest for a Philosophy of Decolonization. By Samuel Wolde-Yohannes
  3. Šihab ad-Din Ahmad bin Abd al-Qader bin Salem bin Utman (also known as Arab Faqih) Futuh Al-Habaša: The Conquest of Abyssinia [16th Century]. By Mohammed Hassen, translated by Paul Lester Stenhouse with annotations by Richard Pankhurst

In Memorium:

  1. Haddis Alemayehu
  2. Girma Abebe

Bibliography: Year 2000, Compiled by Thomas P. Ofcansky

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