International Journal of Ethiopian Studies [IV:1&2] [978-1-59907-042-1]


Author : Elias Wondimu

ISBN Code : 978-1-59907-042-1
Language : English
Pages number : 262
Format : Paperback; 6"x9"


International Journal of Ethiopian Studies (IJES) is an interdisciplinary, refereed journal dedicated to scholarly research relevant to or informed by the Ethiopian experience. IJES publishes two issues a year of original work in English and Amharic to readers around the world.

Established in 2002, the IJES is dedicated to the research and study of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. The journal contains original articles, reviews, and features filled with relevant, in-depth information on important issues. It serves as a venue for the sharing and cross fertilization of research by scholars working on issues that matter to the region and promotes important voices internationally.



Elias Wondimu, Loyola Marymount University



Alemayehu Gebremariam, California State University, San Bernardi

Maimire Mennasemay, Dawson College

Theodore Vestal, Oklahoma State University



Fikru Gebrekidan, St. Thomas University



  1. The Anatomy of Special Prosecutor v. Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam et al. (1994-2008). By Girmachew Alemu Aneme 
  2. The Lion of Judah’s Pen: Introducing a Collection of Ras Täfäri Mäkwännen/Emperor Haylä Sellassé’s ‘Personal’ Correspondence. By Tim Carmichael
  3. Rethinking the American Dream: The Cost of Coming to America Immigration and Depression in the Case of Sinedu Tadesse. By Menna Demessie
  4. Little Ethiopia: An Ethnopharmacological Study of the Ethiopian Community in Israel. By Dikla Danino and Zohar Amar
  5. The Lion of Judah at Camelot: U. S. Foreign Policy towards Ethiopia as Reflected in the Second State Visit of Emperor Haile Selassie to the United States. By Theodore M. Vestal
  6. Hamlet versus Faust: Two approaches to leadership and development Can Ethiopia learn from inchoate development in Europe? By Reidulf Molvaer
  7. A Memory of the Italian Occupation: The Short-lived Clandestine Publication Amdä Berhan zä Ityopeya. By Richard Pankhurst
  8.  á‹¨á‰´á‹² አፍሮ የተቃውሞ ዘፈኖች በዓለማየሁ አበበ
  9. Vignettes on Culture and Development in Ethiopia by Salaam Yitbarek 

Review Essays:

  1. Ethiopian Student Movement Radicalism—Voluntarist or Determinist? By Birhanu Abegaz 

In Memoriam:

  1. Siniddu Gebru by Reidulf Molvaer
  2. Dejazmach Abayneh Sino by Wolde Taddesse
  3. Tilahun Gessesse by Fikre Tollossa
  4. Dejazmach Zewde Gebremariam, Ph.D by BT Costaninous

Bibliography: Year 2005, Compiled by Thomas P. Ofcansky

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